About Us

The group is having global experience in the faculty of both Marketing and Sales and it's user friendly Customer service, Prompt Communication about our product, “SIMPLE SAVING & SERVICE” to develop - "Trust on Our Brand" to get the dynamic brand name S3LOANS. Concept of S3LOANS is to cover each customer needs finance with cost effective wide range of products S3LOANS. service are excellent in quality and service durability in the field of Info Marketing and Sales. “Our service designed and developed by CUSTOMER’S AND OWN EXPERIENCE in the various locations “.

To make every customer "Feel The Best" when they get a S3LOANS service to their financial requirements.

To improve customer’s network, Sales & Support Team, user friendly Customer service to the common consumer of Indian society. To make an identity to the global market.

We always listen to our Customers on their needs, suggestions and feedbacks.

We are Having 12 yrs experience in the Personal loan Marketing, deliver customer values in the various locations building good network for Sales & Support. in the Our Quality Policy pre designed in our CUSTOMER’S .

"We ensure that our stringent quality practices are followed in procurement of components from various reputed banks and Franchise across the globe for maintaining quality and durability of S3LOANS, Service when they made available to Indian Market. Business Experience
  • Total 12 Yrs experience in the Marketing.
  • 5000 no of Happy Customers in various locations.
  • Well Knowledge about Product, up to 70 % approval ratio.
  • Effective customer care and product service., education, home renovation, purchasing electronic goods, family functions, buying old car, start up business, other higher rate of interest credit dues/payments and loans convert into lower rate of interest and marriages.
  • Personal loan eligibility crieteria: Net salary Should be 18k+,
  • Age norms 21yrs -58yrs,
  • Loan amount :1l to 50L,
  • Tenure 12M - 60M

Personal loans for salaried individuals,Indian Army,BSF force,IT professionals, engineers,doctors,Pvt & Public ltd Employer's, State & Central Govt employer's And Pensioner's